• The Organic Stylist

"The Organic Stylist"

A constant reminder to be organic with my ways/intentions beyond the label.

My hair journey has been a continuous door of growth and learning. And I love that more than ever. It is a gift and a blessing all in one.

When I decided to go to hair school, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. The people I would meet and be inspired by, the techniques and skills I would learn, the life lessons in and out of the hair industry, the opportunities I would have, the list could go on for hours. I have always known I had a passion for people, animals and the world around me, but I never knew I'd find that passion fulfilled being a hairstylist. I had dreams of being a nurse or veterinary, sometimes I even thought about being a physical therapist or psychologist. I love listening to people and helping in some way. It is more than just a rewarding feeling to myself. I LOVE seeing people glowing and happy, feeling their best. Seeing their worth and how much they do matter. I love conversations with laughter and goofiness. Jokes and not so serious commentary. But depth also sparks something inside of me. The raw realness to people is what I really enjoy. And as I learned so many different people and their ways, that spark grew. I could see how much we all feel and go through, even if it didn't seem like someone was dealing with something. No one is truly alone. But we can often begin to feel that way because we have become disconnected to real human touch and feelings and turned to social media, instant gratification, and the feedback from someone behind a screen. I don't mean social media is bad by any means, it is very productive and has an amazing platform for business growth and just reaching people around the world in general. But, the organic conversations that we have with people in the flesh is a whole different way of being. It makes you stop and think twice before you act, knowing your impact on the people and world around us. And now more than ever I think its apparent how much human touch and connection is such a gift that some of us take for granted. As much as I have always felt very in tuned with that, I too feel I have taken that for granted at times. There is so much raw human connection at our fingertips, we just have to choose it.

Organic: denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole.

To me this word has so much depth to it. Beyond the "label" or fitting into a "category" of being organic in the way we eat, the products we use, etc. It means finding the organic relationships within people. Seeing the organic, rawness that we as humans have to offer. Being true and real. Because we are all challenged with the opposite way and often fall victim to it (speaking from personal experience). Going through that opened my eyes to the fact that life is happening around us, and it can be our choice to have a more organic way of thinking and acting if we work to remind ourselves why and how it has an impact on not only ourselves but our loved ones and those around us. We can choose to see the blessings and good right in front of us OR we can choose to see the bad and unfortunate things at the front as what leads us on our journey. I am in no way dismissing the bad things that happen in life or pretending its easy to just move on from the hard times in life, but it is truly up to us human beings to make this world a better place and continually choose to get up and refocus the intention when we do fall victim. And that starts within each of us, on our own. The mind is a powerful thing and once we as humans wake up to that and stop letting other people think for us, I believe the world really can become even more amazing than it already is. There is no minimum or maximum to growth. Growth is growth no matter how you look at it.

Have you ever been having a bad day and you unintentionally experience something that maybe threw off your planned routine or what you had expected to be doing? We all have right? But did you ever have an "ah-ha" moment when something later happened and you thought maybe if your plan went exactly as YOU had planned it, that great "ah-ha" moment might have never had the chance to happen? The shift in perspective changes. There have been countless times that I have had a plan or my mind set on something either in the future or the present and it did not go as planned. But some how, some way, it all made sense why it didn't go as planned in that moment (some I still have yet to understand). Often times I have someone in my chair speaking of their day or their life, sharing their experiences with me that give me that "ah-ha" moment. Their perspective on life when, I myself am in a funk, that suddenly lifts me up on my feet again or maybe it hits later in the day or week that I get that "ah-ha" light bulb popping up and shift in perspective. But how cool is it that we as humans have such an impact on each other and how we think/feel and most of us don't even realize that. Sometimes there is someone in your life that you value their opinion more than anything and you have no clue why. Or you see someones lifestyle and love the way it looks or you experience it and love the way it feels. Now, we all have had those moments but again, we can inspire each other and lift each other up, genuinely. You don't always know someones real story or what they are going through but just because you view it in a certain way DOES NOT mean that is what it is (good or bad). And sometimes it is exactly what you see. The point is we all have amazing beautiful things about us individually that inspire people around us when we don't even know it. We are all on our own journey and that looks different for everyone. So why not do our best to be intentional with how we act and speak to better ourselves and those around us. To stop feeding the toxicity that pollutes the world and be strong to overcome it, together.

The choice of the username also has been a great way to connect with others who have similar missions and goals in life and this is where the beauty of social media really hits home for me. You get to connect with people you may have never met in person and then build a relationship to then increase influence of an overall health and well being for yourself AND those around you. You get to stay connected with the ones you've met through life even living in different parts of the world. You get to learn from others who have been on this journey much longer or even some just starting out and wanting to find the ways to a more organic lifestyle. Potential clients get to see a little bit of your personality and work to have an idea if your a good fit for them as their stylist! There are so many positive pros to social media and the internet with the increasing ways to connect and communicate.

These thoughts and feelings were the seeds that started my goal to bring my career and lifestyle together as a whole. When I chose the username "the.organicstylist" on my hair page for Instagram, to build my clientele, it was very intentional not to have my name directly in the username. I wanted to draw people in with my intention I had set for myself and my business. Because it isn't about being an influencer of social media or fitting into a category. It is a reminder to be real and organic with the things I put out into the world and the way it could possibly impact someone else. It is another way I choose to keep that at the front of my mind as I continue this journey through life and the beauty industry.

How cool is it that this industry really does touch on many different professions. We listen like therapists, we care for animals and the world around us with our intentions in the salon, we have learned the body through training to understand it on a medical level to keep us and our clients safe, we are challenged with new things everyday in many ways, we get to manage ourselves in and out of the workplace, and the biggest bonus in my eyes.. we get to create our art and make people feel good. It isn't just a job, it's a lifelong gift.

Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy the weekend & your loved ones♥️

Xx, Sara

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