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The Truth Behind Organic Hair Color

People often question Organic and the truth/benefits to the whole lifestyle. For many years I had no idea the depth to "Organic" and why it was more than just a label and increased price tag. The truth is 100% organic hair color does not exist.

Organic and/or naturally derived hair color ingredients do exist. So finding a more environmentally - conscious hair coloring routine is the perfect way to a cleaner lifestyle. Not only is it better for your body as a whole, it is better for us professionals and our daily exposure to the chemicals. This all leads to us being more gentle to the environment and the awareness of our impact in the world as well.

Growing up my mom was always very health conscious and up to speed with the clean more organic lifestyle. Not just the label but understanding the meaning behind it. When I decided to go to cosmetology school it was important to her and myself that I got the best education. I attended Brown Aveda Institute (5 years ago) and that was where I personally found my passion for clean beauty and what it meant to me. It was more than just a label or category to fit into. It brought awareness to the very breathe we take. To how we perform day to day. Our character - our whole being. Learning how we impact the world day to day in our work place and outside of it became more and more important to me. Our mindset and goals, how we get there and why. From seeing the impact daily exposure to chemicals has on our immune system and over health/wellness, all the way to the impact we have on the environment and the world around us is beyond eye opening. Being in the beauty industry, I believe we as professionals have such an influence on others towards a nontoxic lifestyle. So while Organic, chemical free hair color does not exist (other than vegetable dye and some brands of henna), there is a way to reduce the chemicals we are putting in/on our bodies and how we impact the environment without compromising the want/need to feel and look our best.

Consumers want perfect hair color and 100% grey coverage in the shortest amount of time, so manufacturers work to produce products that will meet the demands of their customers. And while this is a choice for some, what about the others who want the clean, nontoxic route? There are options!

The two main ingredients one should be cautious of would be ammonia and p-phenylenediamine (PPDA or PPD). Both can cause severe allergic reactions. This doesn't mean it always causes a reaction but for those who are allergic, it is recommended to avoid it. Some of the other common toxic ingredients found in most hair-colors are diaminobenzene, toluene-2, 5-diamine, resorcinol and even artificial fragrances and formaldehyde. Many beauty products are loaded with plastics and/or drying ingredients. These ingredients can cause many issues such as serious skin, eye and lung irritation, immunotoxicity, allergies, chemical burns and blistering to the scalp, hair breakage/loss and some forms of cancer. And, if we know it isn't good for our bodies, there is no reason to put toxic chemicals in or on us if there is another way to achieve the desired end goal. There are many great nontoxic beauty products surfacing these days as awareness continues to grow for our overall health and wellness along with the awareness of our impact on the environment. Yes, it may take some research and homework or even a minor inconvenience to your regular routine, but for good reason.

A big part of my passion and interest in the beauty industry is to help continue spreading knowledge and information with the world so that we can all work towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle together. Because when you feel good you perform good and we all just want to feel like our best selves at the end of the day right? So why not take a little extra time to know what exactly is in the products you use daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and for your whole life? To better the world around you, not just for yourself, but your friends and family also. Its a no brainer!

Xx, Sara

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