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Clean Beauty & Where to Start

So where do you start when transitioning to a cleaner beauty routine if you haven't already?

First off, figure out your why. This helps motivate you to take the time on making it a priority in your life. It also will identify if it is in fact something that is important to you or not. It becomes a necessity verses a want. This is a part of self care which is so crucial for a healthy mindset and overall well being. Having a why makes it more personal for yourself and you can take it at your own pace to fit you and your lifestyle. This also leads to researching on your own and finding other information you could share with your loved ones and those around you.

Once you have your why, start going through the beauty products you use daily, this could be your face wash, toner, moisturizer, makeup or even just the lip balm you're using. Shampoos, conditioners, and even dry shampoos all contain toxic ingredients and fillers. Look to see what the first ingredient is on the list and that is what the majority of your product is made up of. That is also a little fun fact I learned from a skincare class I took a couple of years ago (I never really understood the whole concentrated thing until then to be completely honest..visuals are where the light bulb comes on for me.. haha). You will know what products are diluted with water (usually) and which products are going to last you longer, along with the proper amount to use when applying to your skin or hair. Sometimes we fly through product because we aren't aware of the list of ingredients and what they mean/how to properly use the product. Typically, products with water as the first ingredient are going to be used quicker because you will need more to cover the surface area whereas products that are more concentrated give you more control over how much you want to dilute it for a customized application to fit you specifically. Also, it creates less waste that goes back into the environment and that is always a BONUS! Okay, so then go through the list and look for words such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, petrolatum, alcohol, formaldehyde, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil and fragrances. Hopefully you don't see many of these words or any at all. But if so it isn't the end of the world by any means. However, these are all chemical carcinogens. Harmful and toxic to our body over time. So becoming aware of that and knowing what exactly we are allowing to enter our body is a huge benefit to our overall health and wellness. When we put these things in or on our bodies it disturbs the GIT as well as other parts of the system. No, we cannot avoid toxins 100% but reducing the amount of toxins we are allowing to enter our body sure does make a difference in how we feel and operate daily and over a lifetime. Our immune systems often are heavily impacted without us knowing until years down the road of constant exposure. Autoimmune diseases have been traced back to some of these ingredients and other toxic additives that are found even in the food we consume (that's a post for another day).

Again, the point is NOT to become a paranoid ball of worry for any item you come into contact with, it is simply to bring awareness to the cleaner more health conscious options that are available. To know what we are choosing to consume or use. Choose what works best for YOU. Because at the end of the day we only have full control of ourselves and our own choices. And that is a powerful thing!

Here are some of my personal favorites I use in and out of the salon:

Skin Care

Juice Beauty - face wash/face & lip moisturizer/CC cream/Concealer

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

Hair Care

OriginalMineral - know knott detangling spray/atonic thickening spritz/frizzy logics shine serum

Oway Organics - frequent wash hair bath and conditioner/Hmilk no stress repair mask (once a week)

Artist Society - ascend texture powder/OG dry shampoo

Xx, Sara

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